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Welcome to
The Chef's Pantry
Handmade Specality Preserves Since 1998

Welcome to Our Website

We are now back up and running now after relocating form Hertfordshire to the beautiful heart of Lincolnshire.

We have been very busy apart from renovating our house we have also built a suite of 5 star approved kitchens to make our products in on our own doorstep.

We will be returning to craft fairs food show’s etc in the coming year so we can meet our loyal customers and sell our products throughout the UK again, so keep an eye on or events page for further details.

We have now also got The Little Black Bear Cake Bakery’s products for sale on our website from fantastic brownies to gorgeous Loaf and Fruit cakes that many of our customers have only been able to buy and enjoy from food and crafts fairs, they can now be ordered and delivered straight to your door. So please take a look and see if anything takes you fancy.

All of our jams, chutneys and marmalades are prepared by hand and cooked with love and care in small batches in open pans using time honoured traditional recipes handed down through the generations.  Our preserves are made from the finest quality ingredients. We source as many ingredients as possible from local Lincolnshire producers, doing our small bit to support local farmers and growers. We hand select our ingredients to ensure that the best quality produce is used to give our customers a truly top quality preserve.

We very strongly believe at The Chef's Pantry that it is not necessary to add any artificial ingredients to our preserves so to this end our preservers are :-

* 100% Natural
* No Artificial Colourings
* No Artificial Preservatives
* No Artificial Thickeners

So why not take a look at our, Jams, Marmalade, Conserves, Chilli Jellies, Mustard and Sauces and not forgetting our Chutney some of the picture are still missing at the moment we are working on that but the product pages are available for you to browse and buy.

All the best from The Chef's Pantry Team Beryl, Elizabeth and William a new team member making 3 generations in the same company William, looking forward to seeing you at some events or just sending you some of our wonderful products for you to enjoy.
£ 3.75
£ 3.75
Creating preserves the way nature intended
"Lacus habitant dolor morbi urna in, ac leo magna sit tincidunt ut eget,
empor quam eget et auctor ut, fusce at dignissim ullamcorper suspendisse tortor."
Julius Caesar (ROME)
The Chef's Pantry
Handmade Specility Preserves since 1998
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If you would like to stock our products or need more information then
please  contact Us on Tel: 01205 461599 or Mbl: 07508504684
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